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Dental Implants: What Should I Believe? – Roya Arbab DDS

Dental Implants have become commonplace, with over 3 million people worldwide hosting some sort of implant. Unfortunately, their rising popularity has been accompanied by an increasing number of misconceptions about what they can and can’t do. Let us help you to understand which of these common messages are true and which are fabricated. Message #1: […]

Calming Your Nerves Before Dental Procedures – Roya Arbab DDS

Almost everyone has some feelings of nervousness when thinking about visiting the dentist. We hear it all the time from our patients. But don’t worry (I know, easier said than done). It is totally normal to have a bit of anxiety (or even a lot of anxiety) before you come to our office. In our […]

Dental Implants: Five Things You May Not Know – Roya Arbab DDS

How much do you know about dental implants? With the increasing popularity and availability of dental implant surgery worldwide, patients are gaining more and more knowledge about dental implants every day. But did you know these five important facts? Early replacement of missing teeth with dental implants preserves the underlying bone structure. The titanium post […]