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Dental Implants for Patients over 65 – Roya Arbab, D.D.S

Several elderly patients are curious to know about the safety of having dental implants to restore their teeth. Know what to expect with implants if you are a senior. Read our comparison of dental implants vs. dentures to find out which tooth replacement option is right for you. Dental Implants for 65-year-old and above Patients […]

How Soon Does Dental Implants Heal? – Roya Arbab, D.D.S

Implants are convenient permanent restorations for missing teeth. These new teeth require surgery, and a healing period is needed before the restoration can be placed. This article will go over what patients should expect during this period. You can also check out some reasons to get teeth implants to find out if they are right […]

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants? – Roya Arbab, D.D.S

Understand the Reasons for having Dental Implants. Restore one or more missing teeth. Dentists at Roya Arbab DDS are licensed and experienced in performing permanent dental implants for one tooth or the whole set. They are metal frames embed into your jaw to restore a missing natural tooth or bridge. People who have lost their […]