Dental Implants for Patients over 65 – Roya Arbab, D.D.S

Several elderly patients are curious to know about the safety of having dental implants to restore their teeth. Know what to expect with implants if you are a senior. Read our comparison of dental implants vs. dentures to find out which tooth replacement option is right for you.

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Improper oral hygiene and care can increase the risks of oral problems, particularly during the senior years. With these permanent restorations, decay and loss of teeth are no longer a big issue even for older patients. Implants for seniors give them the opportunity to chew their food and have a better life during the golden years.

The Benefits of Dental Implants to Seniors (65 and above)

Dental issues increase with aging, where a number of older people suffer from tooth loss. This affects a person’s quality of life, including socialization, and facial structure. Artificial prostheses or dentures were traditionally used to replace missing teeth. However, they have serious drawbacks.

Compared to wearing lower or upper dentures, fixed prostheses are sturdier. Apart from looking more natural and permanent, these new permanent teeth allow you to chew and eat better. They are more reliable, do not restrict what you eat, will not fall off or slip, and do not require removal before going to bed or for cleaning.

Criteria for Seniors (65 and above) to Have Permanent Dental Implants

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This procedure is not recommended for seniors with chronic and uncontrolled diabetes and other diseases that reduce the body’s immune system. This procedure involves surgery and a low immune system can delay recovery.

Fixed teeth are attached to the jaw bone firmly so they are reliable and stable. Additional measures are needed if the jaw bone is not sturdy enough to support them.

Loss of bone depth and width is not a big issue as it can be grafted. The issue is that it will incur additional cost.

In summary, these restorations are recommended for older people who are healthy. The recovery may be longer compared to younger patients but with implants, seniors can now enjoy what they eat and be proud of having a new set of teeth.