Dental Implants against Removable Dentures – Roya Arbab, D.D.S

In the past, missing or lost natural teeth were replaced by removable full or partial dentures. At present, elderly patients opt to have dental implants rather than removable dentures. Check the reasons why they have become a popular choice among the elderly. Learn about the dental implants healing process, or find out about teeth replacement with dentures here.

Dental Implants?

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are metallic frames or posts that are firmly bolted into the jawbone under the gums via surgery. Through the osseointegration procedure, they function like artificial tooth roots where superior crowns are placed. The bones will merge with these and from there active cells will develop.

After about 3-6 months, the metallic post becomes a natural component of your jaw. Some types, though, can be made and introduced on the same day.

Drawbacks of Dental Implants

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  • Not suitable for everyone. Adequate bone mass and quality is required so the supported teeth can tolerate the force caused by chewing. Teenagers will have to wait until their jaws are fully developed before undergoing this procedure.
  • Gum and bone grafting. The new structure requires adequate gum flesh. Gum and bone grafting is necessary for patients with insufficient gum flesh and weak jaws.
  • Duration of treatment. The standard procedure takes more than six months to complete. During these months, the gums are allowed to heal after the preliminary extractions, before starting the osseo-integration procedure.
  • Long process. It takes 3 – 6 months for the osseointegration process to completely heal. With modern dentistry, the procedure can be complete in only one visit. Known as immediate or same-day-implants, the patient is advised to be extra careful when chewing, especially to stay away from eating hard foods until the osseointegration process is completed.
  • The cost. The cost of the procedure is a big factor when deciding whether to have an implant or dentures. Permanent teeth are costlier than dentures. It may even cost more if other pre-surgery procedures like grafting, teeth extraction, and others pre-ops are required.
  • Dental implant specialists. Only dental surgeons or periodontists can perform this procedure. Before you decide this is the right solution for you, make sure to look for an experienced, reliable, and well-trained specialist. Dr. Roya Arbab is one of the leading periodontists in Manhattan Beach.

Dental Implants for Teeth Replacement  

Whether you will have a single or multiple new teeth, it can extremely improve your oral appearance. Most often, your missing natural teeth can improve with an ‘all-on-four bridge’ or with four artificial roots while a decayed molar can be replaced with a single one. A healthy and adequate bone structure is essential for the new fixture to be successful, as it keeps them stable against any force like chewing.

A strong gum is also important, as it wraps the implants for visual purposes. Due to their porous bones, diabetic patients are not advised to have this procedure. Make sure to consult at Roya Arbab DDS clinic in South Bay for evaluation prior to having an implant.


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Also known as artificial teeth, dentures have a colored acrylic base gum that rest on the natural gum. Both full and partials have a hollowed area that serves as suction. Found between the base and the gum, it keeps the the prosthesis in place. Dr. Arbab will give you a checkup to check if you have any gum disease or recessed gums. Compared to implants, these are cheaper and can be immediately after measuring your teeth and gums. You need to visit your dentist twice to ensure you get the correct dentures that fits you well. There are several disadvantages about this procedure, though.

Disadvantages of Dentures

  • It needs to be removed. Brushing requires you to remove them, as well as when sleeping. This repeated action can loosen and weaken them leading to their breakage.
  • Fragile. They are fragile and requires extra handling care. They could crack or break easily.
  • Fall off easily. Although it has a suction to keep them in place, the act of removing it frequently can cause it to fall off easily leading to embarrassment.
  • Bone loss. The tooth gap or empty sockets where the dentures sit is inclined to degenerate and constrict, also known as resorption.
  • Relining. They may need to be relined due to acrylic shrinkage and bone loss that can make it loose eventually.
  • Discomfort. It can give you discomfort if they do not fit you well.
  • Has an expiration date. They can only last 7 to 10 years.


The functional and aesthetic advantages of dental implants have made it a better choice for many wanting to flash that big, nice smile. It may be a little expensive than dentures, but these are more practical and reasonable, making them cheaper in the end.

Visit Roya Arbab DDS in South Bay, California today for a checkup to help you achieve the best tooth restoration for you.