Karla, Registered Dental Assistant


Karla has been working in the dental field since 1996 and has been with the practice since 2001.  Her job entails assisting the doctor with all clinical procedures. 

She enjoys helping patients improve their smile and learning the new, cutting edge technologies of our field.  When patients are scheduled for a dental procedure, she will ensure a friendly, compassionate and comfortable experience. 

In her free time, Karla is passionate about health and enjoys zumba, kickboxing and salsa dancing. She also loves spending time with her pre-teen daughter, family and friends.


Karla helps increase the efficiency and the quality of oral care at the dental office. She has a lot of tasks ranging from record-keeping, setting up appointments, to patient care. Below are some other jobs she does at the office:

  • Teach patients with proper oral hygiene.
  • Help patients are comfortable during the appointment and calm the patient down, mainly if it is the first time for the patient to visit the dentist.
  • Make sure that the tools and equipment are sterilized before use.
  • Assist with the treatment, such as drying the patient’s mouth using a suction hose or be the dentist’s third hand.
  • Process x-rays and perform laboratory work.
  • Make sure that the dental equipment is in its optimum state by doing preventive maintenance work.
  • Make sure that the patients are comfortable when sitting in the dental chair.

As a registered dental assistant, she can perform a wide range of functions such as taking x-rays, removing sutures, polishing patient’s teeth, taking impressions of the teeth.


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